Welcome to the best worst thing you'll read today—our "Lyttony" of grand prize winners, category winners, and dishonorable mentions by year:

Unfortunately a complete list for each year before 1996 is lost to the sands of time (or at least not yet digitized), but please enjoy a compilation of Grand Prize Winners from earlier years.


Update on the Archives

If you've browsed beyond 2014 you've noticed that all links are not created equal. (Jefferson first said that, right?)

The 2008 to 2013 links currently open PDF files. These will be migrated to our new format by the end of 2021. The earlier years are a little easier to read—courtesy of the wonderful Wayback Machine—but they too will get a new and improved home (hopefully by our 40th Lyttonaid in August 2022).

We're still looking for years 1982 to 1996. No one can remember now which newspapers published the complete results, but they're surely out there (if only on microfiche). If you have any info that might help, EJ would love to hear from you.